ggdebug - v0.1.1

ggdebug v0.1.1

ggdebug is a package for debugging ggplot2 stats.

I created this package to help in developing new ggplot2 stats, and trying to decipher and understand how existing ones work.

ggdebug v0.1.1 now includes a function for determining the name of the Geom which is being used with the current Stat - ggdebug::get_geom()

You can install from GitHub with:

# install.packages("remotes")

Determine the Geom from within a Stat

For good reasons(?) within the Grammar of Graphics, the Stat and the Geom should work independently.

For other reasons, I sometimes want to do weird things within a Stat depending on which Geom it is being used with.

Finding the name of the Geom is not obvious, so I’ve included get_geom() which interrogates the frame stack to find the Layer which contains the Stat, and finds the name of the Geom contained within that Layer.

If anyone knows of a better way of doing this, please get in touch!

# Create a Stat to test with
stat_oath_breaker <- function(mapping = NULL, data = NULL,
                              geom     = "point",
                              position = "identity",
                              show.legend = NA,
                              inherit.aes = TRUE) {
    data        = data,
    mapping     = mapping,
    stat        = StatOathBreaker,
    geom        = geom,
    position    = position,
    show.legend = show.legend,
    inherit.aes = inherit.aes,
    params = list(
      na.rm = FALSE,

StatOathBreaker <- ggproto(
  "StatOathBreaker", Stat,
  # Call `get_geom()` from within the Stat
  setup_params = function(data, params) {
    message("StatOathBreaker being used with: ", ggdebug::get_geom())
  compute_layer = function(data, scales, params) {

ggplot(mtcars) +
  geom_line(aes(mpg, wt), stat = 'oath_breaker')
StatOathBreaker being used with: GeomLine