Should I write a geom for 3d pie charts?

Introducing the ggthreed package

ggthreed is a collection of ggplot2 geoms which use the threed library.

At present it consists of just a single geom: geom_threedpie() which creates 3d pie charts.

I am fully aware of the crimes against visualisation I am committing here.

The code is available on github.


You can install from github


Example - Simple Pie Chart

ggplot(mtcars) + 
  geom_threedpie(aes(x = as.factor(cyl))) + 
  theme_void() + 
  theme(legend.position = 'bottom')

Example - Facetted Pie Chart

ggplot(diamonds)  +
  geom_threedpie(aes(as.factor(cut))) +
  facet_wrap(~clarity, labeller = label_both) +
  labs(title = "Distribution of Diamond Cuts by Clarity") +
  scale_fill_brewer(name = "Cut", palette = 'Set2') +

Example - Pie appearance

User adjustable:

  • pie height
  • pie tilt
  • start of first pie slice

Mission Accomplished