CSS Properties

Property declarations are usually name/value pairs defining the value of a particular CSS property e.g. color: #ff0000.

Property declarations can be added to styles during intialisation or an update e.g.

#> h1 {
#>     color: #ff0000;
#>     margin: 10px;
#> }

Since there are a few hundred different property names, the css_prop helper makes use of auto-complete to help the user write property declarations.


#> align-content: center;
#> margin: auto;
#> color: #000;

More complicated properties

The animation and transform properties are a bit more complex and have entries in css_prop which are a more involved.

Transform declarations

Specialized transform helpers exists for all the standard CSS transforms e.g. translate, rotate, skew etc.

#> transform: translate(10% 20%);