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minipdf is a package for creating simple, single-page PDF documents.


You can install the development version from GitHub with:

See the online documentation here (thanks to pkgdown)


doc <- PDFDocument$new(width = 200, height = 60, fontname = 'Helvetica-Bold')
doc$rect(0, 0, 200, 60, fill = '#123456', stroke = NULL)
doc$text("Hello World!", x = 10, y = 15, fontsize = 20, fill = 'white')
doc$line(0, 10, 200, 10, stroke = 'grey80')

Supported features

  • Documents with a single page only
  • Only one font per document (set during initialization)
  • Objects: Text, lines, polylines, polygons, rectangles and circles
  • Attributes: Fill colour (including alpha), stroke colour (including alpha), linewidth, linetype
  • Clipping regions - per object clipping region as well as the global document clipping region.

Currently there is no support for annotations or any sort of text layout.


  • minipdf v0.2.1 and minidf v0.2.2
    • transforms are now methods on the PDF stream objects
    • renamed methods on the PDFDcoument e.g. add_rect() is now just rect()
    • internal refactoring of attribute handling.